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We pack our products with the best features, so you can make the most out of your EV charger.

Pro Earth

Our Pro Earth charging range eliminates the need to install any additional earth spike, which means no extra costs & an easy install.

*Pro Earth only applies to SE AC charger models.

Solar Compatible

Project EV chargers work in harmony with solar panel technology, meaning you can charge your vehicle using the green energy generate by your solar system.

*Solar compatibility only applies to single gun AC charger models.

Cable Lock System

Secure your charging cable with Project EV’s cable lock system. Lock your originally untethered cable to your charge point and vehicle, ensuring user peace of mind, and full protection.

Dynamic Load Management

All Project EV AC chargers have the ability to dynamically load balance, ensuring that the power of your household is distributed evenly across all your electrical appliances.

Split Power Output

Project EV chargers with a dual gun, or triple gun, outlet have the ability to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Onboard RCBO

The entire Project EV range comes with onboard RCBO isolation as standard. Enabling you full electrical protection, ready out of the box.

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Swadlincote Electrical Supplies support Project EV whose mission is to drive its range of Electric Vehicle Chargers to being the most advanced smart solution for all customers. 

The range is extensive with AC and DC Chargers , The 7.3kW charging range in particular has  a collection of single phase AC electric vehicle chargers, ideal for domestic use.